Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Is Catch It All Up Day

No, my home office does not look like this, thank you very much. Though the expression on the guy's face does seem familiar in a Monday sort of way. Considering I lost two days on the up and back to Macon, I'm really in good shape for this week. Especially considering Bunny and I will be away on a church-mandated :) vacation next weekend. :) Wonder if we will just decide to stay on vacation....

Nah. I love this job!

Working on upcoming events - Beach Baptism celebration, Sunday Night @ the Movies, National Night Out Blockparty(s), Fall Small Group materials, Children's Sunday School restructure.

Reading Tim Keller's "The Reason For God" today. Need some good fiction to balance the heavy reading coming.

Good day yesterday. Worship was great, some other things not so great but because we have some amazingly giving people, holes got filled with love.

Even had one of the best deacon's meetings I've ever been in.

Glory be to God for all He is doing at New Hope.

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