Friday, October 11, 2013

Change Their Hearts, Lord

Politics is not my thing. I run from conversations when I can. I do everything I can to keep the folks I serve at New Hope from going there while we are gathered together. But my river of irritation with the current fiasco has kept rising and rising and this picture just caused it to overflow its banks.

It began with WW2 veterans being denied a chance - maybe their last chance - to stand next to their Memorial - though in truth all of America is their memorial. Then stories surfaced of parking lots on scenic overviews closed, death benefits suspended, parks closed, commissaries idled, research stopped, and now this picture hit my tipping point.

So to you Senators, Congressmen, to you Mr. President, and to all the lesser functionaries...


We've always had adversarial relationships between parties in Washington. 

But we've never been spiteful like we are now.

We've never broken hearts for supposed political gain like we are doing now. 


Please dear reader, pray for the Holy Spirit to convict those in power of the needless pain they have inflicted on tender hearts and drive them to come together for the good of our nation. 

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