Wednesday, November 21, 2012

God Isn't On Vacation

Bunny and I walked back to the hotel feeling a little down. We were away from home, missing family and friends, and even though we are enjoying the rest and the city, well, you know. We got back and the room hadn't been cleaned which is very unusual, so we called to find out when they were coming. The desk clerk said she'd send someone right up. That someone was Jaime R. (last name withheld for privacy)

Jaime moved here from "the country" where her Daddy helps launch boats on the bayou. She moved here for work, and she's still working out a 90 day probation  So she was efficient but a little stand-offish when we tried to reach out to her. She didn't want to talk about holidays or family. But Bunny and I kept at it, and got her to talking. When I said I was a pastor, she sort of seemed moved emotionally. 

It turned out she had more than homesickness going on.

She asked for prayer and Bunny and I gathered her hands in ours. That's when we found out that she is having a sonogram due to a possibility of breast cancer on December 8th. Her Mom had an aneurysm earlier in the year which she survived and Jaime did not want to tell her about the cancer, but needed to tell someone. And we were God's choice. 

God's timing, friends.

God's provision.

Pray for Jaime Richardson. Pray that she might be found cancer free. Pray for her family, for her job here at the hotel. Pray that God would show her every day in every way just how much He loves her.

I guess God doesn't do vacations. :) Or maybe He does. :)

And I guess we know why Bunny and I were here in New Orleans today.

Think of all the things God aligned today so that Jaime might know she is loved and we might know God can use anyone, anytime.

What could He do for you?

What could you do for Him?

May He richly bless your Thanksgiving tomorrow,

still amazed at God's work -

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