Monday, March 19, 2012

A Good Place To Be What God Wants You To Be

I'm sitting in the lobby here at New Hope Baptist Valparaiso

In front of me is a bulletin board filled with faces of kids people in our congregation sponsor around the world. You can do this! Check out Compassion, World Vision, or Amazima.

To my left are bags made by women in Africa that we sell to help give them better lives. Check out

There's a banner from Soles4Souls, Inc., flyers from The Water Project who we've helped drill wells - our congregation exists to love God and love people - all over the world. 

I was sitting here thinking about how instead of asking for money to pay salaries, or build bigger buildings-instead of  asking people to give to help New Hope - Bunny and I field calls from people asking "what do you need?" and we spend most of our time during the announcements telling people how to send their money away to other ministries who we feel God has His hand on.

We're delivering over a 100 meals in our city now every week. It's totally an act of God's provision. Totally.

And we should thank Him every day for the privilege of seeing Him at work in such a clear and present way.

If you want to learn how to be a giver and live a generous life - this is a place that will teach you how and give you a chance to make a difference. If you need to "be fed" you probably can find a place on every corner.

But if you want to feed people - if you want to feed the Spirit of Christ in you by service and sacrifice?

Come and see.

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