Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fast friends

These two just met each other.

One of the girls was new to us yesterday - a transfer from another school in the district. They are new to the laptops too.

The laptops were a donation from a person who is both retired military and a retired teacher who has children serving now. I've received 4 so far and I am so thankful for them. When I posted about what I wanted to do in my classroom on an IBM Thinkpad forum, they responded with "what do you need?"

My immediate answer was more technology - specificially - laptops. And they came. So generous. We're so grateful.

The district provides 3 desktops for a classroom. We now can have up to 8 kids on at one time with the laptops that have been donated and if I let them use mine.

They are setting up their avatars for a math game that every student seems to be crazy about. Math. Crazy about. They can drill against the computer and every play each other online. Why there was even a rumor that one of the junior math wizards beat the teacher... twice. Hand eye coordination skillset is strong in that one.

Amazing what good technology can do. If I was able to get every kid engaged at the same time... :)

The FCAT is coming in April and my kids started the year behind. They won't finish there.
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  1. What a generous donor...and what a sweet photo! I love that the new girl seems to have found a friend so fast too :)