Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Darn Interwebs! Get off my lawn!

So I was exploring the latest and greatest social network today, trying to figure out whether it was going to be a blessing or a curse, and when I got back over to Facebook, I had a "poke" to return. I did it immediately, because the person who "poked" me is someone Bunny and I care for a great deal. They've not been as regular at New Hope as we'd love for them to be this summer. Stuff with family; stuff with friends; teen age stuff; stuff stuff.

But if we want to "connect" with them, there's Facebook. We can return "pokes."

I realize that I'm in danger of trowing the grumpy old man card on the pile here, but a "poke" is just not enough for me. Now this is coming from someone who can be almost anti-social at times when I'm harried and hammered by events and responsibilities. I'm also someone whose idea of a perfect day could simply be me and Bunny at the beach. (Now remember we live 15 minutes away, so going to the beach is part of a normal week for us. For you, sorry. :) )

But could I be forgiven for saying that what I love about New Hope is seeing the people that make it up living together as brothers and sisters in Christ? Being there when someone is laughing so hard they are crying simultaneously. Hearing what's happening in one another's life. Helping someone through a rough place, or with a stubborn doubt. Celebrating God's goodness and sharing life's pain.

There are people that I have spent almost 12 years praying for every day. People who I have seen grow up. People I have seen grow older.

They are my church family, and when any of them aren't there, well... it just isn't the same.

So let's enjoy the technology. Let's string connections across every device and every platform we can think of. But I just wanted you to realize that if you are relying on those to grow your relationships deeper, it ain't happening. People need more than just a "poke."

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