Saturday, July 16, 2011

Google Plus So Far

I'm an early adopter. I admit it. I like the idea of helping a company do something do - so much so that I've been a beta tester several times. In fact this is being typed on a Google CR-48 prototype Chromebook. So when I saw the news about Google+ I wanted in. Got the invite from my daughter-in-love (thanks Shonda!) and immediately was struck by how different it was from Facebook - and potentially how much better it could be.

I LOVE circles. Think that's an awesome idea that can really help a lot of people. I've already created ministry and teaching circles to hopefully connect with some folks in those areas. (If you're reading this and aren't already in - hit me up for an invite)

I like Sparks - cool way to explore some interests.

I think the Hangouts will be fun too.

But where's the integration, Google? Why can't my Blogger post to plus directly? Why can't I share a Google Reader feed or turn it into a Spark? Why isn't Picasa or YouTube hard wired in right now?

In short, I am hopeful that + takes off in a big way, but it's very early.

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