Sunday, April 10, 2011

He Noticed

Sitting here in a quiet sanctuary with my thoughts racing around as I try to quiet myself before I step out and lead people into God's truth. Today's lesson is on "Jesus heals the blind man" from John 9. Two things scream at me out of the quietness.

There's all kind of blind.

So many of us stop seeing our flaws, stop noticing that we've drifted away. The landmarks haven't moved - we are just blind to them.

Jesus notices.

Jesus saw everything.

Most of us have to work HARD to concentrate and really SEE. For Jesus it was as natural as breathing. He saw the hurt in people. He saw the hunger in their souls. He noticed people who the rest of us would have dismissed and rendered invisible.

I want to be like Jesus.

I know I can't heal people like He did. I certainly don't have the wisdom He had.

But I CAN notice people. I CAN give them my undivided attention if only for a few moments. I CAN be the guy who reminds them that God loves them and they are NOT forgotten, abandoned, or alone.

You can too.

Pray that we'll notice... like Jesus did.

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