Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dying To Live

crux - a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point; a cross

"If he had not died we probably would not know any more about him than we know of any other great religious leader, like Buddha, Mohammed, or Confucius. We may not have heard of him at all, so meager were the results of his teaching. Only a relative handful stood with him to the end. Because of the cross he was able to do something he could never have done otherwise: He was able to share his life with millions of people." Ray Steadman

Dying to self is hard. Changing your habits and cherished preferences, quitting your pampered sins? It's an act of the will. But dying for others who truly don't deserve your extravagant sacrifice? Dying when everything you worked for - the people who you have poured yourself into either betrayers or cowards, the crowds scattered or jeering, your enemies gloating as you hang on a cross?

It's the supreme act of love.

The distillation of love's essence flowed down that cross.

A heart was crushed beneath the weight of our sins, and from it came forgiveness and pardon.

And the vital, basic, decisive, pivotal point it brings us to is this.

Are you willing to accept His love, His forgiveness for your sins, and live as a follower of His way of life?

The way of the cross?

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