Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who has four months?

Hannah Roberts - pray for her and her family

We got back home from our family mini-vacation last night and went to bed early. Both of us were exhausted as were our Airedale friends. This morning I got busy early trying to catch up with the time I had missed, the emails that went unread, but I didn't want to rush into the week without reflecting on what God said to me while we were away.

Life on earth is short. Too short.

Having the chance to hang out with our family was a rare opportunity that I will always cherish. It's so hard to get six busy lives to slow down long enough to spend time "off the grid" (or grind if you prefer.) Didn't get as much with Sean and Chelsea as I'd like to have had - the young ones were busy seeing the sights that the rest of us had seen before. Did get to spend a bit more with Adam and Shonda, and Bunny and I even carved out a bit of just us time. But the time this weekend with my family was a gift.

Reading my emails today I realized again just how much of a gift it was. JoAnn Smith had passed along the latest update from Hannah Roberts, an 18 year old girl who lives in Alaska and has terminal cancer. Hannah and her family are handling this through their faith in God. The email today detailed Hannah's need for a chair-lift to help her up the stairs in her home. It got worked out thank God but it sure didn't seem possible at first. The barriers were money and time. At first the figure of $12,000 came up, and then the arrival date of 3-4 months caused Hannah's mom to say "Four months? Who has four months?"

Reality, my friends.

None of us HAS four months.

We HAVE now. That's it.

What if it was over today? Would you be ready?

The mortality rate is holding steady at 100%.

Turn to Jesus. Hold tight to those you love. Keep on enlarging the circle of friends and family you will spend eternity with.

Cause no one has four months.

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  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I've known Hannah since she was a young girl, just about ready to enter into Middle School. Her family was my family, my Roberts family. It breaks my heart to see Hannah this way. To see her, hear her testimony, it really does make you stop and look and what you have. She is such a blessed and beautiful young lady, and truely breaks my heart. I can't even think about what she is going through with out welling up. Beyond that, I can't imagine how mom feels.
    Hannah can definately teach us all a little something about how precious life can be, and is.

    Our prayers and love continue to be with Hannah and her family.