Monday, October 25, 2010

A New Set of Eyes

Our second meeting of the "Forgotten God" small group went really well last night. One of the things we discovered pretty quickly was that most of what we could identify as what we believe about the Holy Spirit was based on what other people told us was true or by the actions of denominations or churches. Not a whole lot of what we believed was tracked back to the study of what God's Word says about the Spirit and what He does.

That's quite sobering, don't you think?

As we read the Scriptures last night that testify to the power of the Spirit and what His God given tasks are in the life of every believer, a question came to mind. Given the Spirit's power, why don't we see more Christians living bold lives and being transformed into joyful, compassionate, loving, faithful followers of Jesus?

Frankly,there are only two answers to that question.

And I think God let me see that through a new pair of eyes as I read Scripture after Scripture that told of the amazing potential inherent in the power of the indwelling Spirit of God to change EVERYTHING.

Either there are far fewer Christians than we think there are (meaning they do not have the Holy Spirit living in them),

they do have Him, but refuse to let Him do His transforming work in their lives. They prefer to live life on their own.

Can you see that?

Take your Bible and turn to the New Testament and start reading about the Holy Spirit. Let God lead you deeper into a knowledge of Who the Spirit is. Ask God to give you the courage to let the Spirit have control of your life.

Then get ready to see what the real Christian life is all about.

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