Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Recap 03142010

- Daylight savings time hurts every year on Sunday morning, but it's worth it to get the awesome extra time in the evenings after we get home.
- Really warm vibe before Bible Study that carried over into worship. We had lots of people at New Hope today that wanted to be there and had looked forward to it all week.
- Demoed the Kidmo children's curriculum we are going to after Easter and if the response from the adults is any indication, it's going to be off the hook. I had several people come up excited about it and had some GREAT ideas about how to debut it.
- Got word we're going to be able to do a block party in Kelly Hills during spring break. COOL!
- Praise team did awesome today. You guys are awesome servants and are so faithful. Thank you.


Not sure exactly how many we'll end up with but it might be 20! That's New Hope helping a group of people the size of New Hope!

We so exceeded my expectations in this ministry. People were really giving sacrificially to help the Haitian people in their hour of need after already helping through the Red Cross and other agencies. The SBC alone has put almost 100 tons of food on the ground there and we're a part of that too.

- I have the feeling that despite some awesome things last year, that today marks the starting line for the run to the prize in 2010. We are going to touch more people - in more ways - in more places - with more of the love and grace of Jesus than ever before. Write it down.

Okay, today's worship set:

Here Is Our King - Crowder
Holy Is the Lord - Baloche
Unfailing Love - Tomlin
I Surrender All

Today's message continued our look at Gideon with the focus on his unusual method of "setting a fleece." His idea was to get absolute confirmation of God's will through making God jump through hoops. I expanded it some to get at some of the other "so called spiritual" ways Christians make decisions. This could have been one of those messages that changes lives in ways that I won't ever realize. If someone truly acts on what they heard and changes the way they make decisions - HUGE!

I'll try to get the audio uploaded to the website tomorrow.

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