Friday, June 06, 2008

It's Time To Get Things Started

Remember those guys? How families would sit in front of the TV and laugh at their antics? How people would mimic Kermit or Miss Piggy, or Beaker?

Our kids at New Hope had a crazy idea Wednesday night. They want to do a puppet ministry.

I know that some of you out there think that puppet ministry is right up there with those other new ideas like handbell choirs, red satin "I'm A Visitor" stick-ons, and flannel boards. I know because here are some of the comments I got when I asked my friends on a pastors forum about the idea.

"sorry, can't answer, throwing up now."

seem to recall one where the puppets took over the handbell choir at the local baptist church...."

Gee Wally, are you and the Beav gonna make some neato toothpick churches, too?"

""really? Now if you had puppets that sang them some southern gospel? a bunch of kiddygarters saved, that's what! PS the fat puppet sings tenor."

"It's not about being hip or trendy, it's ALL about fitting into the culture you find yourself in and communicating in a way that speaks to them.
Sadly, I know of no people group, with the exception of a few isolated sections of Arkansas, that speak "puppet"

One of my friends did point out "I don't care what anyone says, kids love puppets. You put a puppet on a freaking stage and they stare at it. They are into it. And remember Yoda was a puppet. Also Jabba and the Rancor monster. And all the muppets that took Manhattan." And though he's a wee bit centered on Star Wars, he's right.

Here's the thing, guys. The people group is these kids and those like them in our community. Broken home, single parents, one week with us one week away, public school, mommy's in rehab... kids who need to feel like they matter - like they have a part in God's Big Story. This could be their ministry and a "gateway" to other places and ways of serving God.

So if anyone has some puppets sitting in a storage room and would like to gift our church with them, I can guarantee you will later see a clip on here of the kids of New Hope glorifying God in service to Him.

What about it? Anyone want to help see kids on mission for God?

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