Tuesday, January 08, 2013


They both lived out their vows.

"For better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live."

And now she's doing her best to make it through the valley of shadows. Her husband - her heart - of many years passed away and now life is so different. When you are known by both your names; when people don't think of one of you without the other - when the outside world knows "the two have become one" - then just imagine how "one" they were outside the public eye. There's a void... now.

Staying busy, visiting family, looking forward. Doing what it takes. Saying the right words. Those of us who know her, who loved them both, hurt with her, hope with her, look for ways to let her know we care. We want to help her bear her burden. A lot of people do.

Sunday she came with a friend to church, and endured a round of hugs. She shared some smiles that warmed our hearts.

And I noticed something.

A necklace hung around her neck and on it were two things - a cross and his wedding band.

Both of those loves will last forever.

I look around and see people living together and trying to claim it's the same thing as the "as long as we both shall live" vows to God and each other.

No. That's a failure to commit. Not just to each other, but to a life that honors God and obeys His Word.

39 years ago Bunny and I made the same vows. It hasn't always been easy. God has given us grace enough to make it.

Don't shortchange God or rob yourself of the chance to see God work powerfully in your life. Submit yourself to His leading and direction. Honor His Word and the person God has given you to love, honor and cherish.


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