Sunday, December 09, 2012

No Ordinary Man - Week 24 of The Story

This week was an overview of many of the actions and events that shaped Jesus' ministry in the first two years. It was so much that I had difficulty trying to decide exactly which of the amazing things Jesus did to focus on. So I went to the Upper Story - "Who Is This Man?"

Jesus was completely man, but he was also God in the flesh. So I thought if we looked at the impact that Jesus had on History and Culture (well, some of it or we'd still be there) and then turned to face what Jesus said about Himself - the "I Am" statements - maybe we'd understand just Who He was.

Two sources you'd benefit from reading are Dr. D.James Kennedy's "What If Jesus Had Never Been Born" and John Ortberg's "Who Is This Man?" which is available now as a book, but before that was a series of messages at his church. They really help the reader understand Jesus' impact from both a secular and sacred point of view. I leaned heavily on both today.

By the way, I am blessed to serve with a selfless group of people at New Hope. All over the ministry of our church are many fingerprints. People work hard, give sacrificially, and show up to work and encourage each other. They lifted me today. Praise God.

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