Thursday, October 04, 2012

"But Wait, There's More!"

Random thoughts after a long day so take them for what they are worth.

- Teaching teachers is worse than herding cats says the man who taught his first Professional Development class today. I could have sent some to time out.
- Seems some folks are very testy about anything that suggests we need to up our game. It seems obvious to me that if students graduate from high school and cannot read the employee manual that changes need to be made, but maybe it's just me
- "Textual Complexity" won't sell. We need another term that has some sizzle.
- Teachers are tired right now. Seems like everyone is running to catch up and really wary of anything that has a hint of making their day harder. It seems just when they get into a routine and feel like they are getting comfortable someone pops in with "But wait there's more!" with "more" being something else to prepare for.
- Technology rocks! Made some believers today after the official Professional Development session with an impromptu exposition of the tools I use in the classroom.

-Oh and by the way, early release days are very very tough and are counterproductive if the goal is to help kids learn.

Got to help a friend and fellow New Hope family member move tonight with a host of other New Hope family members.

It's a good tired.

Where's the Advil? :)

Ok. /out

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