Sunday, October 16, 2011

Herding Cats Times 2

It was the first day of the week and the start of the next to last week I would have a teaching job.

It was Monday. 

Beginning with a walk around Valparaiso's Bayous, I was moving along pretty fast, maybe subconsciously trying to stay ahead of the calendar. Talking with district personnel wasn't getting me anywhere. Tweaking my resume wasn't getting anywhere.

Thinking about it wasn't getting me anywhere.

So as I walked, I prayed that God would provide - and I was thinking as soon as possible would be nice.

That afternoon, I got an email offering me an interview at Eglin Elementary.

Tuesday I interviewed.

Wednesday I got hired and started my new job as an elementary school teacher.

So now I am a full time pastor - no change in that except the location I work in. I'll still be serving God through New Hope but I'll also be a missionary they support on the mission field as a full time school teacher. And the salary I earn doing that will help New Hope turn more resources to other mission work here in Valparaiso and around the world. Win. Win.

Today, I have the honor of teaching Middle Schoolers in Sunday School, then sharing with the congregation. Tomorrow I will have the honor of being God's instrument to care for 19 Third and Fourth graders. I believe that His hand will be upon me and His Spirit will enable me in both roles. He has placed me where He wants me, and my job is to serve Him there. Doubly blessed, I'll probably be doubly worn out at the end of the week. But in both jobs I know I can call on Him. But I'm also calling on you.

Your prayers would mean a lot to me.

Sunday is here and Monday's coming.

Please pray.


  1. Congratulations! God is so good. Praying for you this morning.

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I want you to know I am praying for you, your congregation, and future students. I am thrilled that my Father has a servant like you. Your blog - and honesty about your heart to serve the Lord - has encouraged me to examine my walk and desire to serve the Lord. Thank you- and know that God is using you far beyond your own community. May God bless you!!!

  3. Anonymous9:48 PM


    This is so fantastic!!! Congratulations! First of all, how amazing and wonderful that God provided! Second, your students are so blessed to have you! Keep on keeping on! I look forward to reading about your adventures.

    A piece of advice: set up your procedures ASAP. Harry Wong is your friend!!