Sunday, September 04, 2011

Can a sermon happen without Powerpoint?

I'm in the sanctuary at New Hope, typing these words on my Google Chromebook as I go through the preparation for this morning's worship. There's no electrical power as of yet, but I am hoping it will be restored before we meet at 10:45. It's very quiet here without any of the kids voices or the laughter of the adults as they meet and greet each other.

Ordinarily I'd be teaching children right now, but we cancelled Sunday School hoping to be able to meet later. So I'm working through the sermon for today - without my Power Point. GASP! Since I switched to preaching without notes years ago, the PPT has been my outline and guide to keep me in the text and not "rambling" as Bunny calls it. So we'll see how I deliver with just a Bible in my hand.

Frankly, it's exciting.

I love technology and use a lot of picture illustrations and video when they fit. But there's something about just standing there with my Bible that's "right."

Today's sermon is from Mark 5, where Jesus enters what the Jews would have considered one of the darkest places in their area (if not on earth) to bring hope to the hopeless. First the man possessed by legions of demons. Then on the way to cure Jairus' daughter - the woman with an issue of blood. And finally, the little girl. Each and every one of them were past desperation. No power of earth could help. The power that created earth could.

Right now it is raining so hard that birds are roosting under the sanctuary eaves. They know where to go when the rains come. Do we?

For some, hope is a dream they are chasing. Everything has to fall just right, but if that happens, then...

For the Christian, hope is a person. Jesus. He is our hope.

I'll be lifting Him up today.

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