Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday Recap December 12th 2010

Sunday was the third Sunday of Advent and of our Advent Conspiracy attempt to refocus our Christmas on what God did through Jesus Christ.

We flipped the switch and sung all Christmas carols which the congregation really seemed to enjoy even if Sean and I on guitar got dizzy from all the chord changes. The praise team really did well and especially the vocalists on "Silent Night" which they sang without instruments as an intro.

The message was rooted in John Chapter 1 and the idea behind it was to show just what Christmas means to the outsider - like all of us were once.

After the service we had our Christmas fellowship meal. Every time the folks at New Hope get together you hear laughter, see hugs here and there, and see people serving unselfishly. I love being a part of that.

Small group that evening was really helpful, I think. People really seemed to open up and share about what was happening in their lives and what New Hope means to them.

Blessing upon blessing.

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